Treasure Box Project

I’m working on a collaborative project with my husband, a blacksmith. I got my hands on a few cigar boxes. Some are the basic cardboard and paper variety and some are made of wood.

I proposed that I paint and or decorate the box, line the inside with something lovely, and hubby is making a forged iron stand and little knob (for a handle).

So far, the project prototype is going well with only a few small details to work out.

In any case, here is a picture of the top without the knob handle.


And some photos of other angles.

I need to do something interesting with the sides, I think. I want to put a really cool art related quote on the bottom. It also needs touch up paint here and there. And the whole thing will be finished with a gloss varnish for durability.

When it is completely done, I will post pictures of the whole thing from every angle.

Each box will be unique with a different painting and different details and I’ll have a variety of sizes depending on the box. I think it’s going to be pretty cool and will offer them for sale at the Heritage Arts Center (Rice’s Hotel-Hughlett Tavern) in Heathsville, VA.

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