Is It Done Yet?


Studying this as a photograph, I can see a couple of things I need to go back to address. So, no; it is not done yet. But here is the next installation for those who have been following along. It’s close.. and yes, I signed it, but I’m going to make a couple of adjustments. Small things that are bugging me: The orchid bud on the right needs something and the orchid root needs a shadow from the leaf in front of it. And I think I need to go back and adjust the shadow line behind the orchids. as I’m finding it distracting. And there is something off with that apple … it may need a lost edge somewhere….But it’s close… really, really close. Then I need a title. Suggestions? I’m thinking something like Space for Meditation or Meditating on the Shadow World. .. Not sure, input is welcomed.


5 thoughts on “Is It Done Yet?

    1. Thank you. It’s funny how it looks different in a photograph and certain things pop out as wrong at that point. My high school art instructors would have us turn paintings/drawings upside down to look at them again; or have us put them away for a week or two and come back to them with fresh eyes.


      1. I know that, when I’m weaving, sometimes a section looks a little off to me and I can’t decided if it’s a mistake or an irregular beat. But, if I take a photo, I can see the problem immediately and much more clearly.


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