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More Apple Pie


This is where I left off the other day. Yesterday I did a little more work on this painting.

The first thing was to really figure out where my drawing was off and where the drawing got lost in the underpainting step. The leaves bothered me the most, but I also had a problem with the ellipse at the top of the jar that would need to be tweaked a bit.

So, I started with the leaves and put in some of the darker greens. I also began putting in some of the mid-level reds and the dark reads on the apples. I begin looking for reflected color in the shadows and the glass as well at this point. dsc02801

dsc02802I switched from using the printed photo to the iPad as the colors are more accurate… not in THIS photo of the photo, but you can see how I’ve got it set up at eye level right next to the painting in progress. The light in the studio yesterday was just odd. I normally work in the mornings and yesterday’s late afternoon, cloudy weather really was different for me, so I did not work long.

I did, however, begin to tackle some of the drawing issues and started to get the leaves in their correct locations (or at least closer to where I wanted them).


You can see I also a started really pushing some of the color in the apples and the leaves. I think this one leaf in the front will need to be pushed back down again. I’m also realizing the 400 paper, compared with the 500 is a little different and really grabs pastel, so I am going to have to adjust my touch a bit so I don’t overwhelm the paper.

I also began to note where the glass wiggles are going to be. Those dark shadow wiggly lines will be the underside edges of embossing in the glass. At some point, late in the painting, I will add the highlights.

Speaking of highlights, one of the last marks I put on yesterday was the highlight on the leaf tip in front of the front apple. I can see now it is just too bright, but I’m going to leave it for now as additional highlights in other locations of the painting may help it feel calmer.

The top of the jar is also quite a bit wonky. I don’t mind a little wonkiness in my paintings, they are not photos, after all, but I don’t want them to be too cartoonish either. So, that will need some adjusting.

I will try to remember to take photos of the tools I use to erase when I need to actually take pastel back down to the under painting (or close to it).

And this is where I left off yesterday.




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