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Pizza Sauce Futures


There are no progress shots of this painting, sorry. I kept forgetting to bring my camera upstairs to the studio when I went to work on it.

In any case, I have definitely discovered that my painting skills are much stronger in the morning and this one was started and completed in about five sessions with all of the hours being put in in the mornings.

This was an unusual past week in that I basically did not leave home in the mornings at all and I got a ton of stuff accomplished. So, after the new year, my goal is to schedule dedicated studio time in the mornings and try to set all outside activities (meetings, doctor appointments, shopping excursions, etc.) in the afternoons. There are obviously some days when I’m just going to be gone all day, but I can keep those to a minimum, I think.

The hard part (for me) is going to be finding the discipline to get off the darn computer by 9 a.m. and go to work.

I love my volunteer activities and most of the places I help out look for half days 2 times a month or so. I think I’m better off to do one whole day (2 shifts) in each site once a month. I’ll figure it out, no doubt.


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