Trump’s Flowers


I’ve been working on this one since shortly after the election.

I took lots of progress shots. And I did something new for me. When I thought it might be finished, instead of declaring it finished, I took a photo and desaturated it (turned off the color) using Photoshop and then looked at it again. I made adjustments to various points of the painting lightening in some places, clarifying in others and softening in others and losing a few edges here and there. I think it ended up being a stronger painting as a result and I’ll try this technique again, I think. You can see from the progression back and forth as you look down the line here. There was an underpainting that I failed to document, but the first picture is not too far past it.



2 thoughts on “Trump’s Flowers

    1. I’m trying to decide if it is best to post daily (or almost daily) to show the progression of paintings or to wait until they are finished and show the whole thing together. Sometimes paintings which start out with good promise end up in what I call “the burn pile”. I haven’t actually built a fire to toss them into, but I’m thinking about how high the pile has to get before I get rid of it.


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