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Holly II


It’s tiny. Just 4X4 inches. It’s also in oils on a tiny little stretched canvas. I even painted the edges. Same palette as for this one from yesterday for the most part although I did add Phalo blue to go along with the Phalo Green. But the surface on which the painting was being done really did seem to make a difference. I also went with a darker background. I don’t actually like canvas as I don’t personally care for the texture. I’m still learning to give myself more paint to work with so the texture comes from the brush strokes and paint rather than the surface… but I’m still learning with the oils.

I’m going to list this one on the Daily Painting site, and it should be dry enough to ship by middle to end of next week. You can’t go wrong with a $10 bid starting point.

In the mean time, I’ve gessoed several of the ArtBords and will see if it is going to take one or several coats of gesso to keep the paint from disappearing into the surface. The experimenting continues….

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