Back to a Park


Does this look familiar? If you have been following me for a while, it should. In March, on a dreary dull day, my plein air buddy, Daphne, and I ventured out to Belle Isle State Park and painted. I came away with this (see below) painting which sold at the RAL Small Works Show this summer.


There is a story there I need to get to the bottom of… but will share it later if appropriate.

Anyway, I got out to the park yesterday and altogether, FIVE of came out and painted! Woo hoo! Yesterday was just lovely, if a bit breezy. In fact, I made the mistake of setting up the sun umbrella on my rolling kit and the wind took it over and I almost ended up with all my stuff in the river!  I got two little paintings done yesterday and will post the other one tomorrow.

I was standing on the opposite dock from where I was this Spring and so my view point was just slightly different. But it was the light and tree colors I wanted to capture this trip. I’m thinking about using one or both of them as a reference painting for a larger pastel painting.

Anyway, here is my view from the easel:


I was using a grey paper pad of throw away pallets. I rather liked it and will keep using it.

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