oil painting · Plein Air

Busy, busy


Went down to Irvington on Thursday afternoon and met up with Karen, Daphne, and Johnny and found spot in the Commons there from which to paint. I honestly fell in love with the little green truck but was too far away from it to really get any real detail or accuracy. I really need to figure out how to paint a straight line and/or hold my hand/arm steady while painting. The Hope and Glory Inn does not lean, quiver, and buckle like this at all.


And, other than this one painting, I’ve done no painting at all this week. Bad me. But that’s not to say I have not been working on my art resources. Following the last member’s meeting of the Rappahannock Art League, I volunteered to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee. I also volunteered for the Membership Committee.

Attended the first Strategic Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday where lots of ideas were generated. The idea is for this group of folks to come back to the membership and the board with proposals for ideas to increase membership, figure out how we can move from being an exclusive art league to a community arts center, and how to encourage volunteerism, and how to improve community interactions. Within this we need to figure out what resources are available to us and how to get them, and what fundamental structural issues we face and how to fix them or adjust to them.

The membership committee met on Thursday morning and we talked about various ideas for improving communication within the organization and for reaching out to potential members and patrons.

On Friday I co-taught an Introduction to Spinning class with Judy M. at the Heritage Arts Center (the Rice’s Hotel/Hughlett Tavern) in Heathsville. Fun and chatty group of four students.

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’m taking a weaving class there. And finally on the third Friday of November, Judy and I are teaching part II of the spinning class.

In the meantime, I need to finish the weaving currently on my little loom and get it off and put on the warp for the weaving class. I also need to finish the oil painting currently in the studio of a scene of our creek from the deck. Liking this one so far, quite a bit. AND I need to get another pastel painting going.


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