The Weaving House


Took a little drive (about 40 minutes) up Route 3 to George Washington’s Birth Place, a national park in Westmoreland County, Virginia yesterday.

When we arrived, the rangers were mowing the lawn and were so sweet about asking if they were disturbing us! Really. I was feeling guilty that we were in their way.

I used made a couple of changes to the scene, most noticeable in the overhanging trees and bush in the mid-ground, but overall I’m pretty happy with it. Had to pop up my shade umbrella halfway through, then prop it up again when the breeze knocked it down. I also ran low on thinner and relied heavily on some solvent free gel medium.

So, this was the first painting of the day. It’s an 8X10 oil on a panel. I’ll post the second one tomorrow. dsc02457

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