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On the Great Wicomico River

Had a wonderful morning at the public pier at Glebe Point near Burgess, VA painting plein air. As we arrived, a heavy fog was lifting and the air was still and the temps cool. I took a few photos before I set to work.

Note the beautiful reflections. The water was like glass. Then a little breeze came up as the last of the fog lifted.


I tackled this view first on a little 5X7 board in oils.



I think I’m going to call this Channel Marker I

Then I took on the other Channel Marker (which, of course I’m going to call Channel Marker II).


For some reason the photo of the painting is a lot more intensely blue than the painting itself which is a lot more grey.

Finally, I broke down the oil set up and put up my pastel rigging and turned my back to the water and looked back at the shoreline behind me from the fishing pier and got this:


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