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Another Sale and Commission too

It is with humble gratitude that I’m happy to say I’ve had another painting sell. This one was the companion piece to Reedville Resident. Her sister purchased that first seagull painting (which was actually the second seagull painting). And, to make matters more interesting, she asked for a third painting of another seagull.

I’m not one to paint the same painting twice — at least not in the same medium. I have tackled the same subject in both oils and pastels, but never the same thing twice. Maybe I should and see if things improve the second time around…. in any case, I’m also not one to use other people’s photos unless they ask me to.

So, I was preparing myself to spend a day at the dock with my camera but sat down and rifled through my existing photos first and found a really nice shot of a black headed gull sitting on a piling looking in the “correct” direction. I like the lighting and everything and faintly remember thinking that I would paint him if the other gull pictures sold. Well, it took them a while to find their homes. I guess they had to get in front of the right people at the right time, and I forgot about my black-headed bird. Until now.

I emailed it off to my patron who agreed it was perfect. It is to be the same size as the first painting she purchased and I’ve ordered a matching frame. Thankfully, this was in one of those Plein Air frames from Dick Blick, so I know it will be close enough if not just so. I also happen to have a few of the same surface boards as the first bird paintings in my stash.

But I’m still thinking that I might need more bird photos for future paintings. I’m working on my husband about going out in the canoe today. The weather is perfect and water is calm. One of my goals in the weight loss game was to get back into the canoe. It’s been many years since I was physically able to get down into it, much less not sink the thing, so it’s a big deal to me and I’m kind of excited. Hoping to sneak up on a few critters (furred and feathered) or at least some nice marsh, woodland, or river edge scenes that I can capture with the camera.

I’m working on getting paintings in both pastel and oil together for consideration by the RAL jury. I’m going to submit three oils and four pastels. I’m waiting on frames for two of the pastels and one of the oils. Fingers crossed, I’ll be accepted and can rent a 4 foot space and be able to support it with sales for 6 months and still make enough to pay my other bills (or at least cover my art supply purchasing addiction).

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