Wild Grapes


A different perspective that in hind sight might be a little confusing, but I still like it. Ken brought me a handful of wild grapes and a bit of the vine they were growing on that he found ripening down by the dock. I posed them in all sorts of ways and ended up chasing sunlight all over the house. Finally, I put a wine glass on the floor and took some shots from above. I liked the shadows. I loved the leaves. The grapes in various stages of ripening were just interesting against the terra-cotta tile.

I worked on this painting, an 11X14 inch on Uart 400 over about 4 days putting in about 16 hours total. In the photo above, the purple shadows are too red and too intense, but I can’t quite figure out how to done it down. You really have to see this one in person, I guess.

Progress shots below:

Initial set up. Once things were blocked in, I got rid of the printed photo and worked from the iPad as I could blow it up to look at details and the color was just much better. I used my normal block in with a light base of pastel melted in with an alcohol wash.


From here, you can kind of see how I changed my mind about the leaves in the lower right side and then changed my mind back again.




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