oil painting · Plein Air

Good Luck Cellars


The sky was so overcast and grey, it made the colors really challenging to capture. The black netting covers the grapes until the workers are ready to pick them and keeps the birds from eating them all. I could use some of this stuff in my fruit trees I think.

Below is my view point.dsc01883

And here were my “helpers”. Beau is the first one. He “christened” my plein air kit two or three times while I was working and not paying attention. Good thing he was a friendly beast. The other two are his companions, Teddy (the black and tan) and Lucy who were trying to get at my travel coffee mug tucked into the side of my kit. They licked the top so thoroughly, I finally just dumped it out and put the cup away inside. The dogs live in each section of the vineyards and have houses, food and watering  available. They are kept to their own sections via invisible fencing and were very glad to have company. They are clearly well cared for at the vineyard. All are rescue dogs.

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