Virginia Farm House


Seems no matter where you go in Virginia, you will find this farm house and you will probably also find this shed. Well, this house had an outside second floor entrance added, which is rather unusual, but it’s pretty typical for the most part.

I struggle with them and I think there is something off with the perspective. It seems like there is a shift between my eyeballs looking at the scene and then translating it to the canvas. In any case, it was almost high noon, so the shadows are flattened quite a bit.

I have discovered I really like painting on boards so I’m trying to use up some of the stretched canvases I have in the studio. This one is 7″ tall by 14″ wide which is actually fairly standard for framing. I did, however, paint the edges, so no framing is required.

Go here to bid in the auction.

Here is a closer view:


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