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Big and Small


I’m not tied of the tomatoes yet, but I suspect some people might be, so I’ve added to the arrangements and there will be other fruits and veggies showing up in the near future.

The cruet was inherited from my grandfather. There was once a matching set, but sadly, one of them was broken. It’s hand blown glass and lovely and delicate with beautiful nuances.

Both the eggplant and the tomato were brought to us by friends. I’m saving seeds from the little cherry tomato with hopes of having a couple of these tomato plants in my garden next year. We grilled the eggplant and greatly enjoyed eating it up the other day.

Just to show you some of the process work again, here is my set up. DSC01528Note the photo (from which I set up the basic sketch) and the iPad from which I get the most accurate depiction of the colors and details. I love being able to blow it up in particular spots to see what is going on.

Here are some progress photos: DSC01529DSC01530

Looks so rough at this point. I keep forgetting to stop here and there and take other photos of the progress. I use an alcohol wash to push the initial pastel layer into the paper and deepen the colors.

Here are a couple of  close-ups:

I’m love, love, loving these Terry Ludwig Pastels. Of all the pastels I’ve worked with so far, these are the only ones that allow me to push into light areas that went awry with darks not have mud as the result. And the darks, are just luscious. In this painting, I also used some new pastels to get into some edges and corners. I’m still practicing with my lost edges but feel like I’m beginning to get the hang of it.

I’ve put this one up for auction here: I’m thinking seriously of taking this series and getting them framed (which will obviously increase the price quite a bit) and then put them in a show, so if you see a favorite, now is the time to grab one.

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