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Finding a Theme

I sold the painting of the tomatoes in the jar (Jarred Tomatoes) over the weekend to a family friend who was visiting our house and fell in love with it. She took it home to Philadelphia with instructions on how to frame it and where to get the materials to do so. I’m delighted that she loved it so much.

I’ve been reading about how to break in with galleries and how to develop a style and I realized that the last two pastel paintings (Jarred Tomatoes and Salted Tomato) were set up on purpose and with two elements that I love: Produce from my garden and clear glass.

So, I started looking around the house for clear glass items. I also started “posing” various vegetables and fruits from my garden in bright beams of sunlight as it comes through the windows and skylights in the kitchen.

My goal is to paint 10 pastels using this theme and see where it goes. If I can pull off 25 paintings, even better. In any case, glass and produce keep me interested, so hopefully, there will be some consistency in my work for a little while. No promises, just a hope.

If things go well in pastel, maybe I will try the same in oils.

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