Pastel painting · Step-by-step · Technique

Jarred Tomatoes


An abundance of tomatoes from our garden has put me in the kitchen daily processing tomatoes in preparation for making sauce and tomato juice. While waiting for the water to boil so I could skin yesterday’s haul, I started photographing the tomatoes on the counter as the sun came streaming through the windows. Just for fun, I put three of them into a jar. We use these as drinking glasses.

Progress pictures below:


The print of the photo. My printer does weird things so I used this photo primarily for getting the outlines in place and then worked from my iPad to get the colors right. Here, you see the first layer of pastel (I used my Terry Ludwigs almost completely but for one orange). I used an alcohol wash to get everything tacked down. I wanted the darks to be very dark.


Basic outlines put in. In this photo I had also put on another layer into the darkest points and used a sponge to smooth it down.

Then the final. I did complete this in one day. Took about 4 hours total.


If you would like to purchase this, it goes up for auction tomorrow here. It measures 10.25 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall. Yeah, it’s an odd size, but so worth the trouble. Just an update: This painting has sold.


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