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Yellow Chair and Geranium


My plein air buddies came over today and took my junk shop yellow chair from it’s home on the front porch and paired it with one of the geraniums that normally lives by the pool and set them together in the front yard garden. I’m pretty happy with this little 8X10 painting. If you are interested in purchasing this little painting, you can bid on it here.

I also completed another painting after a delightful lunch featuring a lovely vine-ripened heritage tomato from the garden, some cheese and chicken. I think I will have to do a painting of some of these wonderful tomatoes at some point. I’ll post the second painting tomorrow.

To make the day even better, I came back in from the heat and was excited to see that someone had bid on one of the paintings I did last week. So, another sale is pending from Daily Paintworks.

Here are some other photos from this painting:

DSC01236 A quick sketch in charcoal just to get the placement right.

DSC01239 On the easel. I had to set up my shade umbrella halfway through as the sun popped up over the ridge of the house and I was melting!

DSC01235An almost perfect photo of what I was aiming to paint. Obviously, there was some artistic license, but I’m happy with it. I think this chair may show up in other paintings.


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