Pastel painting · Step-by-step

Pink Hydrangea


I’ve been working on this one for several days. I do not have a photo of the tinted paper, but I used burnt sienna oil paint thinned down to almost watercolor consistency on UArt 500. This piece was cut from my giant roll of UArt 500. I mounted it on a piece of mat board for stability. And, of course, just to make framing it a PITA, it’s an irregular shape: 10.25 tall by 11.50 width. But, it was what the composition called for.

I used NuPastel, Terry Ludwigs (especially for my darks and those juicy greys), a few Unisons and finally, my new pastel pencils. Cretacolors.

I’m asking $100 for this painting: You can pay here.

Below are some progress pictures. See if you can figure out what I left out of the final painting. I was very tempted to put him in there. And finally, a couple of close ups.


The close ups:


Attended the reception for the  Mid-Atlantic Pastel Society show last night at the For Art’s Sake Gallery on Gayton Road in the Gayton Road Shopping Center in  Henrico County. Wow, I am so humbled by the talent in this group of people. The exhibit will be up until the end of the month, do stop by and take a look. What is really amazing is how much more powerful the paintings are in real life compared with how they are viewed in print or internet media.  I do have two pieces in this show.



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