oil painting · Plein Air

Helen’s Garden


Had an absolutely awe inspiring visit to Helen and Jim Bell’s home in Coles Point, VA, yesterday. Helen’s gardens are just amazing and my painting skills are not nearly good enough to capture the beauty there.

The photo of the painting above is off in color, but I waited until this morning to take the photo and the sky is overcast. If you look down below, you get a better idea of the colors from the on-site photo.

I’m getting better at the “tree thing” I think. But my straight lines are not very straight and I so I need to figure out better brush control. DSC01043


You can tell my light shifted quite a bit from beginning to end (9:30 a.m. until noon).

I’ve come up with a new signature I like and will start using on my art. It’s just CATE but sort of jumbled together.



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