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Mom Kauffman’s Shed


Went up to visit my mother-in-law in Pennsylvania the last few days. She has a fabulous garden and in the back is her little metal garden shed. The color is off in the photo above. This one is more accurate in terms of color. My MIL liked the painting, so I gave it to her. She happened to have a stack of little frames so we popped this one into a frame for her. You can see how much warmer the colors really were.


I started this little 5X7 about 7:30 in the morning and was given an hour by my husband to complete it before we went to Central Market (the Amish Market) where I got some wonderful raw milk and cottage cheese and turkey jerky sticks. He picked up a jar of freshly ground horseradish. Mom got some veggies. In any case, the light moved so fast this early in the morning, I could not keep up and had to finally give up and come back after we got back from the market to finish. The photo below was taken later in the afternoon after I completed the painting and it does not show that wonderful sunlight glowing through the large sunflower plant leaves.


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