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The things I find around here…


I have this other odd collection and it lives on the ledges around our screened porch. In it are seashells I collected (many broken), arrow heads, bits of pottery, a couple of golf balls and turtle shells and bones.

The other day, while we had company over and we were sitting out there enjoying our coffee, I saw this little shell sitting on the ledge just capturing the morning light in such a way I needed to sketch it.

Today, I was looking around at my collection and realized how macabre it really is: First is one of two fox skulls I have. I think it would make a very interesting addition to a still life painting some day.

Then there is the beaver skull. I think it’s really cool and just check out those teeth!


Finally, the thing we found in the orchard this winter: I had to look at it for a while to realize that it is the skeleton (or partial skeleton) of an opossum. This one has not completely rid itself of stink… when it does, it will probably no longer be articulated. The jaw and clavical are smashed to one side and it’s missing pieces, and it would be a significant challenge to draw or paint… but maybe someday.


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