Sake Cup


Picked up a set of these little cups from a local potter at the Rappahannock Art League Gallery in Kilmarnock. He said they were wine cups, but they really are just the perfect size for a little taste of Sake. I love that each cup is unique and have a wonderful bit of lopsided charm.  I did this little 6X6 inch pastel on a sanded surface I prepared myself.

I took some gesso and mixed in about twice the amount of pumice recommended then added black acrylic paint. Two coats. Came out a nice uniform grey with just a hint of brushstrokes.

You can enter the auction to purchase this little painting here.

2 thoughts on “Sake Cup

  1. This one was on a 6X6 inch panel called Art Bites. It’s an all media panel and supposed to be fine for oils, acrylic, crayons, pencils, markers, block printing and collage. I’m not sure how archival it is, but it is small enough I did not have to worry about warping. On the other hand, I have also used foam core (gator board) and even birch panels. Now that I also do some oil painting, I reserve the birch panels for the oils. But I used probably 4 tablespoons of pumice, a tablespoon of black acrylic paint and 4 tablespoons of gesso thinned down to a thin cream/thick milk level with maybe 2 teaspoons or less of water. I put it on, let it dry and then hit it with a second coat with crossing brush strokes. I worked up 9 of these little puppies with that amount of gesso/pumice mix.


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