If it’s Thursday, it must be raining


Can we talk about how TIRED I am of rain and damp, grey days? Went out with Daphne again to paint today. We went to Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster County, VA. . We drove throughout the park before settling on the motorized boat ramp area. She took one dock and I settled on the other. It wouldn’t have mattered where we ended up, the place is just full of neat places to paint. And we both decided that if we EVER get a sunny day, we will go back… Heck, I may go back even if it’s grey again (Okay, someone tell me, it is grey or gray?).

This painting is a little one: just 5X7. I’m really happy with it. I ended up with a decent composition, accurate color and I didn’t overwork it. Woo hoo, for me!

If you would like to purchase this little painting, I’ve listed it in the auction here starting tomorrow.

One thought on “If it’s Thursday, it must be raining

  1. I love your painting, I am feeling it! I love the grey. lol from what I have read I think that Americans say gray and the English, grey. I am American but then I tend to be a rebel, though sometimes I go back and forth. 🙂


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