Copper, Brass & Lace


Completed this little 6X6 inch pastel on a surface I created myself. I also used some of my new Terry Ludwig pastels. This little copper pot with a brass spout and handle was another junk shop find. It’s been repaired a couple of times and has some interesting dings in it. The  lace doily was another one of those junk finds that has it’s own issues, but works great for a still life painting. I had fun doing this little thing and will probably do a few more.

I made the surface on a 6X6 inch ArtBord and then put on two coats of gesso with pumice and black acrylic paint all mixed together. The second coat I added a little more pumice (maybe another two tablespoons) to really make it gritty. It took the pastel nicely. I did up 9 of these all at the same time.

I’m going to put this one in the auction at a very low starting price and see what happens just for fun.


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