The Grenadier


Bid Here. It’s a rainy, Sunday and I woke up knowing this painting needed to be worked on today. I’ve had the set up put up and sketched onto the canvas for over a week, but just hadn’t gotten round to sitting down with the paints.

The little dog is a painted plaster door stop that was in the bathroom of my grandparent’s home in Missouri when they were alive. My mom brought it home to her house after they died where it has been joined with a large collection of interesting door stops. The poor fellow is missing his glass eyes and has several chips and dings, but he’s still one of my favorite in the collection. The little Grenadier statue has been living in the secretary at the top of the stairs for as long as I can remember, and the marbles were favorite subjects in my mother’s paintings. The cut lace finger towel on which they are all perched was also a long time resident of the house.

This was a fun painting and I hope you like it too. I will post it for auction tomorrow at Daily Paintworks. I’ll add a direct link to the auction tomorrow when it begins.

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