Red Hat


While vacationing in Arizona (hard to believe it’s been a few years now), I took lots of photos. I still want to tackle at least one painting of the Grand Canyon, but that’s for another blog entry. My brother-in-law Bob and his wife, Lucy, did  a wonderful job of keeping us busy and one of the places we visited in Phoenix was the botanical gardens. Who knew Arizona had such a variety of plant life! I took a ton of photos of plants, but what caught my eye was the people. Bob and Ken both thought me a little daft as I snuck photos of interesting people. One of them was this young lady with a long, thick braid down her back wearing a bright red hat. I snapped a photo of her as she entered one of the shaded areas.  You can see from the reference photo below I used some artistic license and changed a few things.

Ken said he actually likes this painting. I don’t get positive feedback from him too often, so I’m very pleased.

2013-09-28 11.37.20

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