Phat Female


Phat Female 5X7″ Oil on canvas board

Here is the lovely female cardinal that graced our back deck in the snow last year. It’s really fun to watch the cardinals. At our old house, my husband would sit out on the front porch and shell pecans. He would toss any badly broken nut meats out onto the sidewalk and the birds would come and feast.

After a while (and it was a good while), a Cardinal couple would appear anytime he was out on the front porch and wait. Slowly, day after day, he enticed the male to come close up on the porch itself and finally eat nut meats at his feet.

What was really cool, is that the male would do the risky business of coming in close to get the pecan meat and then fly out to feed his mate.

This is my 7th painting for the 30 in 30 challenge. I’m one behind!

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