Over the Hill



Just Over the Hill

5 X 7″ Oil

This is the smallest painting I’ve done so far. It’s only 5 X 7 inches. The photo has a little glare issue on the left hand side. I’m happy with it over all but feel like I could pick it apart now that it’s finished.

So what do I like:

  • The trees. I love how the tree line came out.
  • The grassy hill/field in the foreground. I guess I like the little scratched back odd grasses the best.
  • The sky.

What do I not like:

  • There is something wrong with the perspective in the buildings. I don’t know if my reference photo had some camera distortions or if I just don’t know how to draw anymore or if I lost a line in painting process. The initial drawing looked right.
  • The barns are not bad (except for the small shed to the left as it came out too bright). But the house is very odd.
  • I want more paint on this thing for some reason. The canvas is not showing, but the canvas threads/texture is evident.

So, I think I need to paint more buildings so I can practice. One thing I have not figured out is how to get a very smooth straight line. It may require more paint so I have a smooth surface on which to paint. I’ll keep practicing.

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