Beginning to start over

A new year and a new me. Literally. I underwent gastric bypass surgery the last week of October. Things did not go as smoothly as possible and I remained in the hospital for 24 days and underwent 3 additional surgeries. The recovery has been a bit more than I anticipated as well.

Ive still out of work on short term disability and I’m scheduled to return on January 19th. What I have discovered is that I really am more interested in retiring and focusing instead on my art and my home and my husband.

Pin the past whenever I’ve been out for a while — even just a 2 week vacation, I’ve been anxious to get back. Not this time. Not even a little bit.

I have been very interested in painting and figuring out how we can survive without a regular full paycheck.

It will not be easy and I will have to be very disciplined about my spending and my sons will have to understand I will not always be able to come to their rescue. The plan right now is to retire on April 1. And it will not be a joke. If I can do it sooner, I will.

And I’m painting. I’m working primarily in oils right now, but the pastels are out and available at anytime.

Ive also decided to accept the challenge of completing 30 paintings in 30 days. And here on day 2, I have completed 2. I am also working on the large commission for my friends in Philadelphia. And this one has been a huge challenge and a bit of a struggle. I’m not use to doing larger work and it’s really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

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