What I did on my Summer Vacation

When the renewal for this blog came up, it occurred to me that I have not posted a thing for quite some time and I really should make an effort to fill in a few blanks.

I’ve taken on some commission work none of which I feel comfortable sharing publically. One is a Christmas gift from the patron to his wife and he really wants it to be a surprise. The other is a “mildly erotic” pose of a couple whom I adore and who deeply wanted to commemorate their bond to each other. This one is in the absolute beginning stage and will be an oil painting.

But in the meantime, I’ve been painting outdoors, plein air. Ken got me a good French easel which makes the adventure more doable. Here are a couple of paintings I’ve completed here on the new property. For this one, I set up on the dock looking back at the bankside.

20150725_075311 And perhaps a better shot although the color seems very washed out in this one. In reality it is quite a bit deeper and darker. I’m calling it Dark Water on Betts Mill Creek: DSC02139

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