I thought it was Spring

I took the dog out yesterday evening for a walk down to the dock and as I turned the corner I caught a yellow flash in my eye. The daffodils my mom planted under the edge of the deck were blooming! Finally.

Funny how something as simple as a spot of daffodil yellow can lift my spirits. But as we walked, my poor deaf dog and I, the wind kicked up. And it was cold! Yikes, what was this?

When I came back, out of breath and very cold, my husband was grumbling about the weather. Sunny on Sunday, but very cold. We are diving back into the 20s over night. It just seems very unfair.

But I got a lot done today. Including some painting. I started and completed this painting from another photo I took of holly hocks last summer at the old house.

I also started a couple of new oil paintings. I’m definitely in experimental mode with the oils. I got some new paints that are artist quality and not student grade and I can tell you it makes a huge difference. I’m also using the medium the instructor told us about in the class.

I’m also playing with different surfaces. I had some ampersand clay board left over from a short stint with colored pencil. I had gessoed with with some sand for pastel work but never used it. But it seems to be making a really interesting surface for oil painting. It’s tiny (just 5 X 7) and I have no idea if the ground will actually adhere with oils on top. But it’s fun to play.

I’m also working on some linen on a panel by Dick Blick. I like this surface, frankly. I would still need to frame this but at least it is a standard size.

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