New stuff

I enrolled in a beginner’s landscape oil painting class at the Rice’s Hotel Hughlett Tavern in Heathsville, Virginia. Last night was our first class.

I may be in trouble.

I had been curious about working with oils but previously had no clue to how the texture was supposed to be, how to use the brushes or anything about medium, color mixing or how to begin.

Now, I’ve had a taste and I like it very much.

I also do not believe in coincidence. Two evenings ago, I received a text message from a woman from Kilmarnock who is interested in finding a Plein Air partner. And the instructor for the class I’m taking is also very interested in cultivating us into Plein Air painters. I’m thinking there may be some Plein Air in my future.

One of the reasons I really like the idea of working in oils is because when it’s done, it’s done. You don’t have to mat it. You aren’t going to crop it. You might pop it in a frame, but you don’t have to and you hang it on the wall. It’s just not that fragile.

On the other hand, when I arrived home from my class I found that my order from Dakota Pastels had arrived and I’m in love all over again. I got some Terry Lugwigs in the Colbalt Blue range (sky blue will take on a whole new meaning for me, I think) and some new to me UArt paper. I got one sheet of 500 mounted to see how I like working on it. I also got a pack of 10 9X12 500 sheets.

In the studio, yesterday, I discovered three sheets of Wallis paper left over from several years ago. It had curled a bit, so I’ve stuck it under a drawing board with some books on top with hopes it will settle. I also found some big sheets of other sanded paper in one of my portfolios. So, now I have enough supplies to paint for a while.

Ken has suggested I try working on a “standard” size to fit a “standard” inexpensive frame for a while so I have something to hang in the new gallery opening at the Rice’s Hotel Hughlett Tavern.

And, the big news is that a friend of mine has asked me to reserve my painting of the Old Heathsville Jail. She, like me, gets a paycheck on the 1st and 16th. Like me, her money is tied up for now until the 1st. But she really wants to purchase it. She works in a public office and plans to hang it there. I’m delighted that someone I know thinks my work is good enough to buy.

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