The Portrait

My husband wonders why he keeps showing up in my work. Seems like there are sketches of him everywhere in the house and in ever sketchbook I own.

Part of it is just that I know his face very well and never tire of looking at him. I think that’s the love part. Part of it is accessibility. I have a few sketches and drawings of some of my children, but they had pretty much left the nest before I picked up my art work again, so they haven’t been around for me as much. I love them, but they aren’t as accessible as Ken.

Finally, it is just the eccentricity of his face. He has always had an intriguing nose from an artistic standpoint with lots of planes and a distinctive shape. But as he has aged, his wrinkles and white whiskers have provided even more interest to me.

I would love to do paintings and drawings of all of my children, grandchildren and friends because I love them all. But sometimes I have to capture just the right light, angle or catch them with just the right accessory to make the drawing or painting pop and keep my interest long enough to get the work done.

I’m teaching a portraiture drawing class at the Rice’s Hotel Hughlett Tavern starting the second Wednesday in April of this year. We will be working with charcoal and graphite. My youngest son and one of my co-workers has agreed to help out as models for the class. I may have plop a hat on someone’s head or get them to wear something interesting around their necks as both are young and beautiful without wrinkles for intrigue.

If you might be in the area and interested in taking this class with me, here is the link to the Heritage Arts Programs at the RHHT.

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