Will Spring Ever Arrive?

Okay, I’m tired of the snow. I’m tired of the ice. I’m tired of slush and cold air. I’ve been taking photos of things that catch my eye because I know we are now into March and the chances of additional snow SHOULD be fairly slim and when things are roasting outside this August, I may just want to look back at pretty snow pictures and maybe paint a few.

But now, I’m just not interested.

So, I’m going to post a kitty picture. This is Jack. One of two of our cats.

Jack the Cat, 5X8.5, pastel,
Jack the Cat, 5X8.5, pastel,

I’m going to put this picture up for sale at Daily Paintworks via an auction.

 Click Here.

I still want to do a painting of Samhain, our other cat. He’s black and just gorgeous and has just enough squirrel syndrome that it’s nearly impossible to get a good photo. I’ve never met such a wiggly kitty.

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