Essential Oils and Pets

Jack is one of our cats. He loves to sleep on our bed at night, tucked in between my husband and I.

Jack the Cat
Jack the Cat

He wakes up with the alarm and no matter how many times I may hit the snooze button, he makes sure I don’t actually drift back to sleep.

When I started with doTerra, I was warned by well meaning folks on the internet that cats and essential oils do not mix. I did a little more research and the only thing I could find that sounded even remotely like a real problem was a story about someone who tried to kill fleas on their cat by using high doses of melaleuca — tree tea oil. It was not a doTerra product and the poor cat had basically been soaked in the stuff over the course of several days. It suffered kidney damage and died.

I have come across no other credible reports of injury to pets from essential oils and none at all related to doTerra products.

So, Jack gets the benefit of whatever oil I happen to be diffusing in our bedroom at night. So does the dog, Macha — a mixed breed Chow Chow and some sort of shepherd.  Normally, I diffuse either lavender oil or a wonderful blend doTerra makes that contains lavender and some other oils that helps me calm my mind and slip off into a sound sleep.

Sometimes I diffuse frankincense if either of us is experiencing the beginnings of a little funk of some sort.

Macha is a very nervous sort of dog at times — when the hunters in our neighborhood are shooting at wildlife and when lightening storms are booming. In both cases, she becomes a neurotic mess. Lavender or Serenity applied to her feet or just a couple of drops applied to my hands which I then pet her with at least distracts her from her fears for a few minutes. In about 20 minutes she is normally sound asleep in her bed.

In any case, our kitties Jack and Sam and our dog, Macha all are exposed on a regular basis to the oils. Even our sheep have benefited and I’ve used Helichrysum on foot wounds and to stop bleeding when they’ve been nicked during their annual shearing.

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