A burst of energy

I love to paint with soft pastels. But I am often doubtful of my skills and will hesitate (read “procrastinate”) when I’m not feeling confident. I fear rejection of my paintings and convince myself I am not ready to produce them.

I’m finding it is the same with the doTerra business. I fear rejection by friends, family and complete strangers.

I love using the oils and other products for myself and see wonderful improvement in my health and big changes in my use of over the counter and prescription medications and have a strong belief in the products. I have faith in the company and have never had a negative interaction or come across a problem they were unwilling to try and solve. So, my belief factor is very high.

My challenge comes in understanding that just because someone else’s belief factor is not yet developed  — they don’t see how the oils can work better than something a doctor prescribes, they don’t understand how it can save them money, or when it comes to enrolling as a Wellness Advocate, that the business aspect of it is a legitimate way of earning money — this does not mean that they are rejecting me.

I’m working on convincing myself that it is okay for them to say, “I’m not interested.” This does not mean they are rejecting me, personally. They still like me as a family member, a friend, a coworker or just some person they met. They just are not in a position right now to put their skeptic side away for a little while.

And therefore, it is okay for me to pick up the phone and invite them once again to a class or an opportunity to try the oils once. I have to remember that there was a boatload of prescription medication that did not work for me. For some folks, the oils may not work instantly or in a way that they expect them to work.

Sometimes, with my paintings, the pastel does not hit the paper in exactly the spot I thought I was aiming to hit. I get little odd lines or spaces or combinations of colors I did not anticipate. Sometimes these don’t work and I have to go back and rub them out and try again. But sometimes these turn out to be happy accidents.

So, I am working towards giving myself permission to have “happy accidents” when it comes to my business and move past the fear of rejection so the people I care about the most can also experience a happy accident and find solutions to their most pressing health issues, find a good night’s sleep, find a relief from pain. When I procrastinate about calling them, I don’t give them the opportunity to experience that happy accident.

Barnyard kitty
Barnyard kitty


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