Those funky, funky kitties

My husband and I are servants to two male cats. They have both been neutered and their most aromatic parts were removed, but the boys don’t believe us and when using the litter box, tend to “sprinkle”.

Ken modified their litter box so the sides are very high and in their little corner, nothing can hit the walls. Big win there! Go hubby! But before we caught on to what was happening, the smell got to be downright annoying.

Purify to the rescue.

Purify_15ml (1)Three drops of purify in small spray bottle (about 4 oz) with water. I keep it on the shelf just over the litter box and when I walk by and notice there is an odor, I spritz across the box once or twice. Odor gone.

When the dog got into something awful in yard, I added two drops of Purify to her bath water. Then I spritzed her with the same bottle I use on the cat box. The stink was gone. She wasn’t happy as she believed that the rotten fish liver smelled wonderful on her… but she is ultimately most happy when her people are happy and we were much happier without the funk.

It worked so well, I took a little spray bottle of it in the same concentration, to work. It lives in our ladies restroom. Now that the other ladies have discovered it, I’ve had to refill it a couple of times, but the bathroom we all share is much more pleasant.

As a word of warning, you can over-do Purify. Use only a few drops at a time or you will actually taste it in the air. This is not an oil that tastes good.

I have used this spray in my shoes, my husband’s shoes and have given bottles of it to my sons for their own shoes. Works every time.


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