Fall Diffuzer Ideas

It’s hard to go wrong with cinnamon oil, But it is a strong oil that should be used sparingly. If you use cinnamon and find your eyes burning a bit, use less next time. As an alternative, I’ve found that Cassia provides a similar scent but we have to be aware of residual effects of any oil that we diffuse so some research into the use of the plant material from a historical perspective is not a bad idea. Traditionally, what were these plants used for?

Cassia was used as a purgative. Even diffused, it may have some effect in this capacity. So just be aware. But it might actually not be a bad oil to diffuse on Thanksgiving evening while everyone is lounging about with over full tummies and might help a person pass some of the effects of the overly fatty dinner the night before.  Just saying. I mean, is there a delicate way to say that?

Other oils that make me appreciate Autumn: Wild Orange. This is just such a yummy oil it makes me want to drink the whole bottle. I do add it to my water sometimes. I’ve also cooked with it. Wild Orange and Cassia or Cinnamon together.

I have to say that my favorite oil to diffuse in a shut up house with a crowd of people, is On Guard. It’s scent is refreshing and smells good. And all of it’s ingredients together have traditionally been used to help support the immune system. I just know that folks who use On-Guard either internally, topically or aromatically at the first exposure to someone else who is sick… well, the On-Guard user just doesn’t get sick. And if they fail to pay attention and start the On-Guard after exposure, they feel better faster. But who wouldn’t feel better. The scent is uplifting and lively.

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