I have been provided with many opportunities in life. One of the most life changing of late has been my introduction to doTerra. Just over a year ago, in July, I was introduced to this essential oil company and my life has been greatly improved.

First of all, is the improvement in my health. I’m not sure what I can talk about here due to the FDA regulations, so I will keep away from specifics for now. Let’s just say that I’ve been able to leave behind a literal laundry basket of plastic bottles with child resistant caps and now use five food supplements and 7 drops of essential oils daily instead.

I have replaced all but one store bought cleaning supply with doTerra products. I use their shampoo and soap. I use their products on my pets and on my husband.

Transforming is the best word I can think of to describe the changes.

In addition, I’ve made so many new friends. Really good friends who care about me and my success and health and happiness and whose success, health and happiness I also care deeply about.

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